Update on my room decor!!

A couple of months ago I redecorated my room, from a duck egg blue to a classy grey. (Pics down below) I will also link the blog as well if you missed it. https://lifeoflucyxo.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/what-is-in-my-room/  I have been recently finding cute decor items to make my room look cosy and snug and relaxing. I love chilling … Continue reading Update on my room decor!!


Day One : What on earth do I do now?

27th June 2018  Hello everyone, I am going to take a different turn on my blog and blog more about my life as in whats going on, what I am up to all that JAZZ. (All that boring stuff which you probably don't want to know about) But if your curiosity is wanting you to … Continue reading Day One : What on earth do I do now?